Dynamic Technical Solutions Inc.

Is a full-service IT consulting firm serving organizations throughout the Washington DC Metropolitan area. Our firm specializes in finding a wide range of efficient, cost effective solutions to solve your business needs. Dynamic Technical Solutions offers core IT staffing and services, which enables us to become your IT department if desired. By outsourcing your IT services to us, you have an experienced group of technology experts as a resource instead of limited staff and knowledge. We offer expertise in a wide breadth of services and pride ourselves on catering to those organizations with high service needs.

Dynamic Technical Solutions gives you several different services and service options to conveniently meet your needs.

Our focus is on providing your business with reliable, intelligent, and affordable IT assistance. We offer cost-effective, value driven system administration and network support services that provide immediate bottom-line benefits to clients throughout the greater Washington DC metropolitan area.

Dynamic Technical Solutions can empower your existing IT department or become it.

We specialize in server administration, security, migrations, storage, and disaster recovery planning, and work in single or distributed office environments. We can build, operate and maintain your computer infrastructure. We provide immediate response and availability with our remote assistance service, so you’ll always be covered.


Dynamic Technical Solutions, Inc. (DTS), is a full-service business support firm headquartered in Washington, DC and specializes in the planning and implementation of alternative practices for supporting the operational needs of public and private sector entities. Whether a public or private agency needs short-term or long-term contractual support, DTS is positioned to meet the employer’s needs. DTS tracks market trends and creates arrangements to address the contingency needs of Local, State and Federal Agencies. Thus, DTS specializes in offering one-stop services that include Human Resources Consulting, Administrative Management Consulting, Records and Program Management, and IT Consulting. We provide highly qualified and dedicated personnel, superior performance and cost-effective results, excellence in quality and positive solutions for your support requirements. DTS has successfully provided consulting services to commercial and government sectors for several years.

By outsourcing your IT functions to DTS, many of our clients find they now have expert services on site for less cost than if they added to their own staff. We can arrange professional support for short or extended periods. We also don’t go on vacation or get sick. We’re always there when you need us.

With DTS consultants, you’ll never have any downtime due to sick days, vacations and other interruptions to workflow. We also provide the training and access to technical resources for our staff that can take that burden off of your operations. DTS Consultants bring an outsider’s perspective to your organization that can assist with planning and budgeting for your annual IT support expenditures.

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